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A region and its sources of power and energy

The magical Lake of Brienz and the Haslital (Valley of the rabbits) are precious holiday spots for lovers of pure nature, water and mountains, who are searching for an authentic and intimate experience.

Come and be charmed by the magic spell!

It is our aim to share with you our mountain-lake oasis and we invite you to recharge your batteries for the daily life with energy, power and inspiration in our very special Bernese Oberland.

For our ancestors the high mountains were somehow frightening, mysterious and rather repulsive. In ancient days they represented an insurmountable barrier. Today this wonderful world belongs toyou! You can climb the steepest walls of our mountains, you can go for easy walks, you can allow yourself to float towards the sky with trains and cable cars enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

The team of the Seehotel Bären would also like to help you, to recover the beneficial feeling of pure magic. We know a lot about the mysterious power of our crystals, about the strange, strong yet fulfilling power of nature, the energy you can encounter in our peaceful world, the unbelievable sensual touch of the sources and cascades, the majestic grandeur of our Alps, the peacefulness of the cows on their pastures, the lusty colours of the mountain flowers, the spell of the fairies, dwarfs and gnomes, the energizing power of our woods or marshlands, the omnipresent peace emanating from the magical lake of Brienz.

Place of encounter, resourceful landscape, enchanting world magical Bernese Oberland!

May we present you some of the highlights of Brienz and its surroundings

  • Brienzer Rothorn with its steam train – pure nostalgic feeling, “home-mountain” with Hopp, the funny steam ghost

  • Rural museum of Ballenberg – touchable history and culture, here you will find Switzerland the way it has been and where the past is a liveable experience

  • Axalp, Schweibenalp, Hinterburgseeli – magnificent region for hikers where long ago druids resided and where you will feel the good spirit of powerful ghosts

  • Cascades of Giessbach and the Grand Hotel Giessbach – a must for all admirers of the kingdom of nature

  • Path from Brienz to Iseltwald – feel the imminent magic strength of the water

  • Boat trip on the steam boat Lötschberg – a trip back to the past but enchanting times

  • Museum of crystals at Brünigen – a true wonder of nature full of light and shiny magnificence

  • Gorge of the Aar – where over centuries the roaring river forced its wild path through bariers of rocks

  • Gorge of the Rosenlaui – the imposing gorges in the mythical landscape of the “Engelhörner”

  • Valley of the Rosenlaui – a beautiful powerful yet touching scenery full of lights and shades

  • Marshland of Kaltenbrunnen – fairy world of elves, directly under the peaks and rocky crags

  • Reichenbachfalls and train – where Sherlock Holmes fought his ultimate battle

  • Sherlock Holmes Museum Meiringen – this is the copy of his London flat

  • Hasliberg-Mägislap-Planplatten – wonderful hiking region in the heart of our tourist region

  • Muggenstutz the path of the dwarf – enjoy the fascinating adventures of the famous dwarf and his magic world

  • Urbachtal – a confidential information, gothic feeling amidst powerful mountain ranges

  • Grimsel, Susten, the mountain passes –for the local population since many centuries the connection to the external world

  • Gelmernalpbahn – the steepest cable-railway of Europe, looks like a roller coaster

  • KWO Grimsel – everything runs and turns around water! Various milky white manmade lakes, breathtaking grotto of crystals

  • Engstlenalp – visit, touch and sit nearby the spectacular powerful rock on the fascinating lake “Engstlensee”

Recommended excursions in the nearby surroundings

  • Grindelwald, Wengen, Mürren - enchanting mountain villages

  • Jungfraujoch train - active since 1912, top of Europe and top of your vacation

  • Männlichen and its cabins - a breathtaking panorama of the three famous peaks rewards you

  • First and its cabins - splendid view and walk to the contemplative and mystical lake “Bachalpsee”

  • Schilthorn and its cabins - discover step by step, while gradually ascending the Schilthorn, the tremendous beauty of the chain of the Bernese Alps

  • Falls of Trümmelbach - be in awe in front of the raging, roaring, gurgling, energizing and invigorating glacier-waterfalls

  • Schynige Platte and its train - the colourful alpine garden with the family of toy-bears

  • Harder-Bahn - the powerful mountain Harder and the face on its rock have titillated over centuries the fantasy of many tourist

  • Niesen and its train - your trip to heaven, breathtaking view of the Alps, of hills and mounds, villages and towns as well as of far away landscapes

  • Caves of St Beatus, Beatenberg and Niederhorn - strength of the dragons, living place of druids and later on pilgrim path of Christians to the cave of the Holy Beatus,; further into the rocks you find unbelievable caverns with stalagmites and stalagtites

  • Lake of Thoune - with the fairy castles of Oberhofen, Hünegg and Spiez as well as with its charming villages and sites

  • Thoune - the delightful city “Gate to the Bernese Oberland” with the archaic stronghold

  • Path of St Jacob - the pilgrimage path to Saint Jacob of Compostella has been leading pilgrims over centuries through our beautiful landscape and for thousands of years it has been one of the important channels of exchange of thoughts and interchange of ideas

We could fill page after page enumerating the highlights that are awaiting you during your vacation. Just come, we promise that you will live an unforgettable holiday!

Pier Hänni has written a very interesting book about our magical region “Magisches Berner Oberland”. However it is unfortunately only obtainable in German. AT Verlag ISBN 3-85502-729-3, April 2002




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